Mathews Micro-Tri Series (MMTS)

$22 for a Triathlon?

We’ve created a SERIES of our very popular Micro-Triathlon events at Williams Wharf in Mathews County, Virginia. This series kicked off in 2018 and is back for another season.  The 2020 MMTS Series is FOUR separate events, one a month during the summer.

2020 Series Standings

  • MMTS#1 2020 – Sat, May 30 – RESULTS
  • MMTS#2 2020 – Sat, Jun 13 – RESULTS
  • MMTS#3 2020 – Sat, Jul 11 – RESULTS
  • MMTS#4 2020 – Sat, Aug 1 – RESULTS

Timing & Registration Options: we electronically time each event to include splits for each leg and for the transitions. On the final 2020 series event – MMTS #4 – a new course record was set by Gunnar Eichler – 43:02.4

Awards: Series awards are presented after the final event. Top prize will be awarded to the fastest overall finisher – times combined for all events. Depending on the number of series participants, we may be able to add in recognition prizes for the fastest combined swim, bike, run, and transition times (overall top finisher will not be eligible for these skill-specific awards).

2020 Series Winners: 1st place was Joel Isley (center) 3:20:22.2, followed closely by Doug Paredes (right) at 3:30:14.7 in 2nd and Helen Morris (left) in 3rd at 3:36:34.6.

If you miss one event or more, you can still be considered for a series-based prize. We will use the final finisher’s time for the event(s) you missed as your time for that event.

Swag. Anyone who completes all series events – regardless of time – will receive a commemorative MMTS hoodie sweatshirt. A sweatshirt may not have appeal in the summer – but by the end of the series, you will look forward to it! Sweatshirts will also be available for purchase upon request ($35 if we have to mail it, $30 for local pickup).

Events 1, 2, and 4 follow the traditional triathlon sequence of Swim, Bike, Run. Distances: 1/4 mile swim, 8 mile bike, 2 mile run.

Event 3 – we changed the triathlon leg sequence and the distances for each leg. Start with a 2 mile run, then ~1 mile swim, and finish with a short 5 mile bike. Triathlons tend to favor the strongest cyclists – let’s even the playing field a little!

Places to stay in Mathews.

Past results. (2019 Series Standings, 2018 Series Standings) – Congratulations Don Martian who had the lowest overall series time in 2019 (4:14:04.4) and to Chris Wells, who had the lowest overall series time in 2018.

Due to the restrictions on public gatherings** — in place to deter the spread of Coronavirus — VTTR will limit the number of event participants (blog post from 4/3/2020).