Membership in VTT Runners is only $30/ annually ($2.50/ month pro-rated) and has the following benefits (download VTTR_Membership_Form):

  1. running shirt w/ club logo
  2. discounts on club-sponsored events

Please send an email to VTT Runners if you have any questions about membership.  You will be added to an email distribution list for regular updates on upcoming club/ local events.  Simply complete this contact form (below).  If you change your mind and want your email address removed from the distribution, just let us know at

If you are on-the-fence about membership, consider joining our Facebook Site (Virginia Tidewater Trailrunners) and join a few Saturday morning runs – no membership required.  If you decide to join mid-year, the membership fee will be pro-rated ($2.50/ month, including partial months, for remaining months in calendar year).

Current Club Leadership


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