Horn Harbor Duathlon

Horn Harbor biathlon route
Horn Harbor duathlon route

This free club-sponsored event combines a 4.75 mile run and 0.85 mile open water swim, and is also known as “Beat The Jellies.”  It is timed strategically in June or early July – and open for anyone to participate:  before the jellyfish arrive in Chesapeake Bay making the swim portion no fun! This event starts & finishes at the Johnson’s house (272 Brush Neck Rd, Port Haywood) with the transition at Horn Harbor Marina.

Alas – if it wasn’t the jellyfish, it was the pandemic! We did not hold the Horn Harbor Duathlon in 2020 due to the Coronavirus health crisis. In addition to the timing around avoiding jellyfish, VTTR is adhering to the COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings and determined that we could not manage it safely this year.

2019 Date was Saturday, May 18th (not timed)

2018 results can be viewed here.

2017 results can be viewed here.

Places to Stay in Mathews

2015 Horn Harbor Biathlon was held on Sunday June14th at 9:30am. The Running Leg started to coincide the swim start together at 10:30am.  Charlotte Hollings was the 2015 champ – full results and pictures can be viewed here.  Our first year was 2014 with only two competitors:  Doug Paredes and Christine Johnson – click here for a quick review of the inaugural event.  spread

Don’t miss it & the post-race delicious breakfast – email vttrunners@gmail.com if interested or have questions.

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