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I was reminded recently that there are some amazing people in my universe that really want to see this organization grow and thrive.

Thanks for that reminder – and here are a few ways to help VTTR continue hosting events. Scan through the event listing, and if you can help out in one of these areas, let us know ( Perhaps you have a friend coming to watch the event who can help? Rewards beyond just seeing the appreciation of participants: we’ll provide reduced registration for a future event!

  • Race Day: packet pickup. Show up a little early to one of our events and assist participants in getting the gear and giveaways before the race. The race bags will be pre-packed and labeled with names: you just need to be there to ensure the right bag goes to the right person and to answer any questions from the folks who are participating (you’ll be briefed in advance). The good part of this job: you still get to participate yourself!
  • Race Day: water stop. Who doesn’t love to cheer and help hydrate runners? Hopefully that sounds like fun for some of you. You’ll arrive early and pick up a table, water cooler and cups and then drive to the designated water stop. Set up the water & cups for participant self-service (reducing contact between you & them); after the final person is past, just clean up any debris and head back to the finish area to congratulate everyone on their accomplishment.
  • Race Director. Hosting several events each year opens the door for opportunities to share the responsibility of race administration. If you are interested in learning what happens before event date and being involved in decisions and resource coordination, let me know. Indicate which event and how much involvement you want and we can work together. We’ll identify registration fees and event expenses, sponsorship and giveaway options and prepare a timeline & budget leading up to the date of event.

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