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Virginia Tidewater Trailrunners (aka Tidewater Trailrunners OR VTT) is a running/ jogging/ cycling club and Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in the Middle Peninsula of Virginia.  The idea was hatched in 2013 by Christine Johnson, a resident of Mathews County.  As we grow & evolve, so will this website.  Check in on us every now-and-then and see what’s going on in the area.

2015 VTTR Planning Meeting
2015 VTTR Planning Meeting


Along with our regular club events, VTTR has a vision for improving the Tidewater area of Virginia by adding bike & running paths along the area’s main routes and thoroughfares.  The counties in the Middle Peninsula of Virginia offer some of the best riding and running terrain in the country:  flat, scenic, and low traffic.  However, the roadways have no shoulder making walking, running, and cycling hazardous.

Our mission is to install paths that are specifically designed for non-vehicle traffic – to create a park-like greenway to connect area towns & attractions, complete with benches and pavillions.  That’s our vision!  Stay tuned to this page for progress reports.

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