The idea started in…

Virginia Tidewater Trailrunners (VTTR) is an outdoor athletic organization and Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in the Middle Peninsula of Virginia.  The idea was hatched in 2013 by Christine Johnson, a resident of Mathews County.  As we grow & evolve, so will this website.  Check in on us every now-and-then and see what’s going on in the area.

2015 VTTR Planning Meeting
2015 VTTR Planning Meeting


Along with our regular events, VTTR has a vision for improving the Tidewater area of Virginia by adding bike & running paths along the area’s main routes and thoroughfares.  The counties in the Middle Peninsula of Virginia offer some of the best riding, running, swimming and kayaking terrain in the country:  flat, scenic, and low traffic.

Our mission is to install paths that are specifically designed for non-vehicle traffic – to create a park-like greenway to connect area towns & attractions, complete with benches and pavilions.  That’s our vision!  Stay tuned to this page for progress reports.

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