Labor Day Put In Creek Duathon: Free & Fun

Our largest group yet – completed this fun, local event.

2019 Group Pic
Doug Paredes, Mark Marderosian, Richard Browder, Elizabeth Whitaker, Tracey Tunstall (w/ paddle partner Boo Boo), Michael Thomas, Ron Myers, Henry Mulholland, Christine Johnson, Helen Morris, Amy Mulholland, and Danny Weatherly. Front: Mulholland’s pup!

Great weather & great location were the big stars of the day: Labor Day 2019 temps were comfortable and the Put In Creek dock and pavilion were ideals spots for the event. We ran from Put In Creek park 2.8 miles to Williams Wharf, where our kayaks were staged. A quick change from run to paddle, and we headed back the 2.6 miles to Put In Creek.

RESULTS for 2019 Put In Creek Duathlon

Due to the low water level of the creek, we timed this event to finish the paddle just as the high tide was coming in. This was our 4th time – see you next Labor Day!


Want more information about this event – check the event page: or email

New Course Record: Micro Tri on Jun 15th

Twenty-two participants – many first time triathletes – took part in the kick off event in the 2019 Mathews Micro-Tri Series on June 15th. Joel Isley, age 57, broke the course record with a winner overall time of 48:05 – edging out the old course record by less than a minute (held by Tom Jenkins @ 48:46).

2019 MMTS1 Winner Click to view 2019 MMTS #1 Results

The Micro-Tri distances are shorter than standard triathlons, with 1/4 mile swim, 8 mile bike, and 2 mile run – which makes them ideal for beginners OR for experienced competitors looking to practice transitions.

2019 MMTS Finish

What else makes these events so special? The event is well organized, competitive, and supportive at the same time. Donnie Martian summed it up “Thanks again for putting on this race. I really enjoyed it, and my kids enjoyed watching it as well.”

For more information on the MMTS Series, including series standings, registration links and results from prior years, visit MMTS home page or email

2019 MMTS Transition Area

Victoria is making a STATEment.

On November 17, 2018 I shared the news with VTTR club members and supporters that our club was able to donate 3 high jump crossbars to the Mathews High School track team. The kids on that team have been unable to practice high jumping for more than a year – their only opportunity to perform that event is during an actual track meet. I attended a track practice and watched MHS athlete, Megan Johnson, taking the first jump over the new bar. I promised to share updates on Megan and the entire team. Enjoy this story from MHS track coach, Sabrina Myers.

One of our sophomore girls, Victoria Palaimo, just started trying high jump three months ago. She qualified for states in the high jump this year, and it’s all because of the new bars from VTTR. Without them, we would still be using a rope. I’ll keep you updated on how Victoria does at the regional and state meets.

On behalf of VTTR members & supporters, good luck Victoria at your upcoming competitions!

Mathews High School track team member, sophomore Victoria Palaimo, practices high jump on Tuesday, 2/5/2019. Photograph from MHS track coach Sabrina Myers.

This seems to becoming a ‘thing’ ….

2018 Sept 15 – For the 2nd time, we held one of our Micro-Triathlons under threat of a hurricane. In Oct 2016, Hurricane Matthews tried to interfere and this week it was Hurricane Florence. Our area in Virginia was fortunate to be spared the worst of the weather – but our thoughts go out to those who are under a more serious threat.

Due to the precariousness of this week’s storm, the Micro-Tri today was cancelled as part of the MMTS Series – meaning that today’s results do not count toward the 2018 overall standings. Six of us did show up for the fun – and we were so fortunate: no rain, no wind, and calm water. As the series organizer, I don’t usually get to participate – but I gave it a shot today (didn’t quite make my goal of finishing under an hour, but I got within one minute). Thanks for those who joined me today – sorry for those who missed it – we missed you!

From left: Ron Myers, Mark Marderosian, Kelly Marderosian (‘volunteer’ timer), Courtney Reichenbach, me (Christine Johnson), Danny Weatherly, and Chris Wells

Duathlon Duckies 2018


Five brave participants attempted this annual event in 2018 – now in its 4th year! The course record still stands (1 hour, 4 mins) – but just barely! Full results can be viewed here:

The weather was perfect, and the jellyfish were NOWHERE to be found. The water was really calm, and the run was mostly shady. Neighbors were out on their dock cheering on the participants. We had our first Mom-Son duo this year (kudos to Wiley & Amy M); Doug P – who has completed this event every year – sustained a shoulder injury earlier in the year, so he did the run leg only.

Enjoy the pictures – and be sure to send us an email if you are interested in this event. We’re local – and we’re certainly willing to cheer you on if you just feel like popping over for a practice on day (just check the tides and plan around the high tide):


VTTR donates to the community

The Gwynn’s Island Festival race is our club’s largest fundraiser, and is our opportunity to showcase the things that make Mathews County so special: the friendly people, the community feeling, and the terrific location for sporting events. Our annual race – the Kukini 8k & 5k (kukini is a Hawaiian word that mean ‘fast runner & messenger for the gods’) coincides with the Gwynn’s Island Festival and is supported by two local community organizations: the Mathews Family YMCA and the Gwynn’s Island Civic League.

Every year, the VTTR donates a portion of our event proceeds to these organizations. This year – thanks to the increased participation in our race – we presented checks for $300 to each. A special thanks to all of our race sponsors and participants – and to our volunteers whose friendly faces were true ambassadors of our club.


Oh, we did it again… Horn Harbor Duathlon…

With ideal weather, three participants completed the 2017 Horn Harbor Duathlon this morning, with very close times: 2017 Results. We tracked the run & swim splits this year (next time we will include a split for transition time), and we added water markers for the swim as well: giant yellow rubber duckies anchored in the harbor to guide the swimmers!

The course record – set by Charlotte Hollings in 2015 – still stands: 1 hr, 4 mins. We wrapped up the day with beer, cheese & crackers, coffee, and danishes – what a great kick off to the weekend.

As always – a HUGE thank you to the Horn Harbor Marina, who happily offer up their docks as our transition point. It is the ideal spot for this event: 4.75 mile run from our home to the marina, and then a 0.85 mile swim back home. Enjoy the pictures – and kudos to the finishers!

Finish line...
Elizabeth is completing her finish, followed by the ‘Duck Brigade’ – Robert picked up the floating ducks along the way (canoe full)!!

Kudos to Sabrina Myers

Sabrina has been a club member for a couple years, and was recently hired as track coach at Mathews High School: which she attended and was a stand-out athlete herself. She was recognized in the Mathews-Gloucester Gazette Journal on 12/15/2016 for her accomplishments. In addition to her college studies & job as teacher assistant, Sabrina is training with her pal Cooper, pictured here.

Sabrina’s father, Ronnie Myers – also a VTTR club member, recently completed his first marathon and is preparing for is 2nd one: the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach!

‘Hurricane’ Matthew vs Mathews Micro-Triathlon


On the 2nd running of the VTTR club-sponsored Micro-Triathlon at Williams Wharf, the competitors broke records, and braved Hurricane Matthew which was blowing up the east coast from the Carolinas. The previous course record of 1:02 in 2015 was shattered by Cale Hendricks (50:42) in this fast-paced event. Complete results – including splits for each leg of the triathlon and transitions – can be found at this link:

The participants pictured above really enjoyed the course and despite one equipment mishap (bicycle breakdown) and some rain during the 2-mile running leg, the enthusiasm was high. Not pictured was Doug Paredes, the 2nd place finisher, and experienced Mathews County triathlete. Hurricane Matthew vs Mathews County Micro-Triathlon was a lot of fun. VTTR will host a Micro-Tri with a minimum of 5 participants: check our webpage for information on how to host one for your family & friends!