Kudos to Sabrina Myers

Sabrina has been a club member for a couple years, and was recently hired as track coach at Mathews High School: which she attended and was a stand-out athlete herself. She was recognized in the Mathews-Gloucester Gazette Journal on 12/15/2016 for her accomplishments. In addition to her college studies & job as teacher assistant, Sabrina is training with her pal Cooper, pictured here.

Sabrina’s father, Ronnie Myers – also a VTTR club member, recently completed his first marathon and is preparing for is 2nd one: the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach!

‘Hurricane’ Matthew vs Mathews Micro-Triathlon


On the 2nd running of the VTTR club-sponsored Micro-Triathlon at Williams Wharf, the competitors broke records, and braved Hurricane Matthew which was blowing up the east coast from the Carolinas. The previous course record of 1:02 in 2015 was shattered by Cale Hendricks (50:42) in this fast-paced event. Complete results – including splits for each leg of the triathlon and transitions – can be found at this link: http://www.webscorer.com/race?raceid=83133

The participants pictured above really enjoyed the course and despite one equipment mishap (bicycle breakdown) and some rain during the 2-mile running leg, the enthusiasm was high. Not pictured was Doug Paredes, the 2nd place finisher, and experienced Mathews County triathlete. Hurricane Matthew vs Mathews County Micro-Triathlon was a lot of fun. VTTR will host a Micro-Tri with a minimum of 5 participants: check our webpage for information on how to host one for your family & friends!


Group Training with VTTR

marathon-supportFrom Ronnie Myers, VTTR club member:

I love this club. We have not had the opportunity to get all the members together lately because of weather, vacation, sickness (that was me) or other obligations. I miss running with these guys. We have a lot of fun setting up training runs when we prepare for our long runs like half marathons or full marathons. We have water stations set up along our route and a car that comes by every so often just to see if everyone is ok. It’s a good feeling knowing that you can depend on someone to look after your well-being. If you run you need to have a group like this.

VDOT Adopt-A-Highway

If you follow our group on Facebook, you probably read the news that our club has taken on sponsorship of a local road in Mathews County as part of the VDT Adopt A Highway program. It will be a few weeks before our sign is installed – we will likely schedule our first trash pickup day in October. We have a 2 mile section of Route 14 – trash bags, etc will be provided by VDOT, coffee & donuts by the club. I hope you all will consider joining us – I’ll send the exact date via Facebook and email and ask for RSVP.


Inaugural “Micro Triathlon” at Williams Wharf

Triathlon Competitors are ready to go!
Triathlon Competitors are ready to go!

Near-freezing temperatures this morning, Sunday Oct 18th, did not discourage participants in our inaugural “Micro Triathlon” held at Williams Wharf in Mathews County.  After pre-race instructions, the event started at 8:45am and the outside temperature hovered around 40 degrees – the water temp was more favorable at about 65.

After finishing a quarter mile swim in the open water, racers ran to the transition area to prepare for their 8 mile bike ride along scenic backroads of Mathews County.  The triathlon capped off with a 2 mile run: out-and-back along Williams Wharf Road.  The distances for this “Micro Triathlon” were intentionally shorter than a regulation triathlon – and the focus was training/ practicing the Transitions between swim & bike, and bike & run.

Link to Results

Place Bib Number M/F Age Name Finish Time
1 6 M 29 Justin Debes 1:02:20
2 5 F 35 Kara Jabers 1:05:06
3 7 M 41 Mark Ruby 1:09:02
4 9 F 33 Jessica Rhodes 1:21:49
5 8 M 57 Dean Fowler 1:38:30
Overall winner, Justin Debes, leaves transition area for the run leg of his triathlon
Overall winner, Justin Debes, leaves transition area for the run leg of his triathlon

2015 Kukini Run on Gwynn’s Island

Article from Gazette Journal of Gloucester/ Mathews copied below, scanned: Gazette-Journal 2015July2

Although the weather forced the cancellation of the Gwynn’s Island Festival this year, the Kukini race went on as scheduled. The Gwynn’s Island Fire Department was the start & finish line for the two events: 1 mile fun run kicked off at 9am followed by the 5k race at 9:30 – more than 60 participants came out to enjoy the competition!

Eight-year-old Faith Lewis of Mathews County was the fastest miler on Saturday and led the pack with a time of 11:23.9. She almost missed the race: with the festival cancelled there was concern that the race would be called off. As soon as Faith arrived, the race started and she never looked back.

The 5k race was also competitive – and slightly longer than 5k. This 3.5 mile course presented very little challenge to the local runners: Russell Reed of Onemo led the group from the start and finished in just over 19 minutes, followed by Doug Marshall of Mathews with a time of 20:37.8, and Samuel Guy – in town visiting with his family from California – in third overall at 23:17.2. The race for fastest overall female was hotly contested by Mathews High School running champs from past & present: Sabrina Myers (age 20) was narrowly ousted by Rileigh Betz (age 15) by a fraction of a second.

The Virginia Tidewater Trailrunners (VTTR) hosted the fundraiser event in collaboration with Mathews YMCA and the Gwynn’s Island Civic League. Due to the success of the event – in spite of the weather – VTTR donated $250 to both organizations! Adding to the community spirit were Gwynn’s Island Campground who set up & manned the race water stop, and the Gwynn’s Island Fire Department who loaned their facility, grounds, and equipment to the event: the fire engine horn was the starting blast that sent runners off to the races.

Christine Johnson from VTTR presents YMCA Director, Sheila Pillath, with a donation from Gwynn's Island event.
Christine Johnson from VTTR presents YMCA Director, Sheila Pillath, with a donation from Gwynn’s Island event.

Race Director and VTTR member Jessica Rhodes voiced her satisfaction with the event. “We had a few glitches but overall this turned out well,” she commented. “The Gwynn’s Island community really came through for us with the Civic League, Fire Department, Rescue Squad, and the Campground. This made our event run smoothly and allowed us to keep our costs low. Low costs equate to more proceeds and higher donations to these organizations. This was our club’s first event and I consider it a success. We’re looking forward to next year!”

The VTTR is a running group located in Middle Peninsula with a focus on local events. They organize and coordinate several events each year, most recently the Horn Harbor Biathlon: a 4.5 mile run followed by .85 mile swim transitioning at Horn Harbor Marina in June. A fall event will be another biathlon – this time a run/ kayak combination. For further details, check out their website at vttrunners.com.

Click here for Race Results

2nd Annual Horn Harbor Biathlon, 2015

Another HH Biathlon in the record books for VTTR club members, participants, and supporters!  In total, 11 competitors took part in the event:  9 completed both segments (4.75 mile run & 0.85 mile swim) of the biathlon and 2 did one component (Liz did the “run only” and Donna did the “swim only” – next year they will make a great relay team!).

Here are the results for Biathlon (we didn’t get times for Liz & Donna – sorry!):

1st place- 1:04:50, Charlotte Hollings
2nd place- 1:10:46, Doug Paredes
3rd place- 1:14:07, Ronnie Myers
4th place- 1:19:01, Carolyn Quinn
5th place- 1:25:50, Kathy Kauffman
6th place- 1:25:52, Scott Kauffman
7th place- 1:28:57, Ray Funkhouser
8th place- 1:30:30, Christine Johnson ***
9th place- 1:36:55, Esther Glover

*** got a lift in a car for 1/4 mile so results aren’t “true” distance.


A special thanks goes out to the Norm & Kris Turner at Horn Harbor Marina, www.hornharbormarina.com.  Two years in a row they have graciously allowed us to use the Marina as our transition point for the biathlon.  This year Norm was on hand cheering during the transition and ensuring boaters were aware of the swimmers in the water.

The event is growing and we’re getting smarter every year – in 2016 we will hold the event earlier in June (the run portion was too HOT!) and earlier in the morning (cooler & less boat traffic).  Of course the biathlon will still be topped off with good food and good stories!  There were a couple of “Jelly Reports” (jellyfish arrive at Chesapeake Bay in late June/ early July) – but for the most part, we Beat The Jellies!


Crossing The Rappahannock

George Washington famously crossed the Delaware… and the She Crabs Triathlon group, Stripers Masters Swim Team, and VTTRunners joined together to cross the Rappahannock River early on Sunday morning, 5/24/2015.  Twenty-two swimmers were supported by just as many supporters in assorted watercraft – we are pleased to report that all who started the swim finished it in good time.  The first finisher timed the two mile swim in just over 48 mins (48:21) and the final finisher in approx 100 minutes.  Lots of great times in between.

There is some discussion of a follow up on Labor Day weekend to mark the close of summer – start training and stay tuned.

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