About Bobby Spitler

Forrest Robert Spitler…

…Was by all accounts a “late bloomer” yet when it was his time to come into blossom, he was magnificent! To his close friends and co-workers he was known as “Bobby” but in the classroom, he was “Forrest” and quietly stood out from all the other students.

Forrest knew a great deal about many things but had encountered many closed doors as he tried to find employment because he didn’t have a high school diploma; that’s when he realized earning his GED at 38 years of age might be the answer.

Forrest was like Julius Caesar: he came, he studied & learned, then he conquered! For weeks Forrest was encouraged to take the tests but he always had “one more thing” to understand, “one more thing” to practice.

When Forrest received the GED test results, congratulations seemed to be an understatement of his accomplishment as his test results proved to him his own greatness when he learned that he, Forrest Robert Spitler, scored in the top 15 of all GED Test Takers in the whole of the USA!

The doors to employment satisfaction swung open wide and he walked through them to PHA (Peninsula Heating and Air) to develop friends who respected his skills and knowledge and personal satisfaction knowing that at 38 years of age, his dormant intelligence turned him into a highly respected “late bloomer.”

The Forrest Robert Spitler Memorial 5K Run/ 3k Run/ 1M Walk run pays homage to “Bobby” and all the other “late bloomers” who eventually recognize their great potential and share skills and knowledge with their community.

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