2nd Annual Horn Harbor Biathlon, 2015

Another HH Biathlon in the record books for VTTR club members, participants, and supporters!  In total, 11 competitors took part in the event:  9 completed both segments (4.75 mile run & 0.85 mile swim) of the biathlon and 2 did one component (Liz did the “run only” and Donna did the “swim only” – next year they will make a great relay team!).

Here are the results for Biathlon (we didn’t get times for Liz & Donna – sorry!):

1st place- 1:04:50, Charlotte Hollings
2nd place- 1:10:46, Doug Paredes
3rd place- 1:14:07, Ronnie Myers
4th place- 1:19:01, Carolyn Quinn
5th place- 1:25:50, Kathy Kauffman
6th place- 1:25:52, Scott Kauffman
7th place- 1:28:57, Ray Funkhouser
8th place- 1:30:30, Christine Johnson ***
9th place- 1:36:55, Esther Glover

*** got a lift in a car for 1/4 mile so results aren’t “true” distance.


A special thanks goes out to the Norm & Kris Turner at Horn Harbor Marina, www.hornharbormarina.com.  Two years in a row they have graciously allowed us to use the Marina as our transition point for the biathlon.  This year Norm was on hand cheering during the transition and ensuring boaters were aware of the swimmers in the water.

The event is growing and we’re getting smarter every year – in 2016 we will hold the event earlier in June (the run portion was too HOT!) and earlier in the morning (cooler & less boat traffic).  Of course the biathlon will still be topped off with good food and good stories!  There were a couple of “Jelly Reports” (jellyfish arrive at Chesapeake Bay in late June/ early July) – but for the most part, we Beat The Jellies!


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