Williams Wharf Biathlon

Running + Kayaking: starting & finishing in downtown Mathews!

Early morning on Sunday, October 12 Jessica, Doug, and I challenged ourselves to another group biathlon – this time, running 3 miles and kayaking 2.5 miles.  We met at Williams Wharf and staged our kayaks there as our Transition Point with our Support Crew (of 1 – Robert!).  Then we drove to Mathews for the start of our run portion.

Again, we opted for a staggered running start – I took off first, Jessica 3 minutes after me, and Doug 2 minutes behind her.  This arrangement got Jessica (with slower kayak) to Williams Wharf transition first, and Doug & I nearly the same time (Doug a minute or less before me) after our 3 mile run.

From Williams Wharf, we paddled our kayaks up East River toward Mathews until we reached Put-In-Creek.  Doug arrived their first – and startled the Herons who were nesting undisturbed (for a while, I bet!); his finish time was 56 minutes.  I pulled up & out of water at 1 hr, 6 minutes; Jessica was one minute after me – with my 3 minute head-start, her total time was 1 hr, 4 minutes.

Support Crew, Robert, met us at the finish area so was able to capture pictures at Transition area & Finish area.  Great time – we will definitely try this again!

photo2 photo7

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