Horn Harbor Biathlon

After getting the “OK” from Horn Harbor Marina, two Club Members – Christine & Doug – were first to try out this biathlon course on 7/19/2014.  The HH Biathlon is two legs:  a 4.75 mile run followed by a 0.85 mile swim.

We staggered the run start time – departing from my house on Brush Neck Road – to arrive at Horn Harbor Marina at same time.  This made it easy on the support crew in the water (swimmers closer together).  Once in the water at Marina, we simply followed the Navigational Markers in Horn Harbor heading toward Chesapeake Bay.  Support crew guided us to the right turn into the cove and we finished on my dock.

The Inaugural Event was followed by a post-race party – plenty of food & drink and celebration!

  • Course map & some pictures below – well supported and a lot of fun.
  • Course times:  Doug 1hr 16 min, Christine 1hr 28 min
Doug & Christine neck-and-neck in Horn Harbor
HH Biathlon Map
Start & finish at my house. Red route is 4.75 mile run, Blue route is 0.85 mile swim.
Post-event celebration with competitors & support crew

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