Leg #10 Mathews County PO: 1.6 miles…

Out-and-back was 3.2 miles… which is how I chose to tackle this leg of the PO series since it was so short, relatively.  I’m not sure when spring will decide to make a presence, because March is nearly over and the temperature still isn’t 50 degrees.  Combined with the wind and heavy mist/ sprinkles, it made this morning’s run chillier than expected.

Port Haywood PO 23138 to Susan PO 23163
Port Haywood PO 23138 to Susan PO 23163

When I left Port Haywood Post Office 23138, I headed east on New Point Comfort Highway/ Route 14.  I took a couple side roads on the trip out to avoid main roads:  the first was Red Mens Hall Road, less than a block from Port Haywood PO.  Then back onto New Point Comfort past Hunt Road, Diggs Wharf, and another jaunt on side road Williams Corner right before reaching Susan Post Office 23163.  On the return trip, I stayed on New Point Comfort back to Port Haywood PO.  Here are pictures of start/ end points.

PortHaywood, Virginia 23138
Port Haywood, Virginia 23138


Susan, Virginia 23163
Susan, Virginia 23163


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