About VTTR

We are an outdoor fitness group based in Mathews County, Virginia.

Exciting News! Eff 2021, Virginia Tidewater Trailrunners has rebranded and restructured itself as a non-profit organization. A formal announcement will come out in Feb 2021 – in the meantime, the VTTR website contents are migrating to our renamed site, the Mathews Outdoor Club (MOC).

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One of the club’s most popular events are the Micro Triathlons – shorter distance tris that include swim, bike, run – in distances that are very friendly for beginners or experienced triathletes looking for a venue to practice transitions without having to complete a traditional distance triathlon. Known for the variety of skill levels of our participants, the Mathews Micro Triathlon Series (MMTS) is an inexpensive and really fun gateway to doing a full distance (traditional) triathlon. mocva.net/mmts

For some stories on our event history, please visit our blog.

VTTR Started In…

Virginia Tidewater Trailrunners (VTTR) is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in the Middle Peninsula of Virginia.  The idea was hatched in 2013 by Christine Johnson, a resident of Mathews County.  As we grow & evolve, so will this website.  Check in on us every now-and-then and see what’s going on in the area.

Christine Johnson completing the 9 mile paddle around the circumference of Gwynn’s Island Virginia in Mathews County.

5 thoughts on “About VTTR

  1. I love this club. Although we have not had the opportunity to get all the members together lately because of weather, vacation, sickness (that was me) or other obligations. I miss running with these guys. We have a lot of fun settings up a training run when we train for our long runs like half marathons or full marathons. We have water stations set up along our route and a car that comes by every so often just to see if everyone is ok. It’s a good feeling to have knowing that you can depend on someone to look after your well-being. If you run you need to have a group like this.

  2. Hello, My name is Lindsay Newell and I run a lot in Mathews and I always follow when you run I am sorry I don’t get out with you guys more. But I wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be the race director this year for the Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Thursday Nov. 22 will start at MHS and end at Williams Wharf. We are looking to make this race a little more formal with timing and goodie bags bathrooms etc. Just wanted to get the word out so maybe people can start spreading the word and saving the date. More information to come!

  3. Thank-you for listing so many local races. I didn’t know how you chose your local races to list, but December also has the Chik Fila 5k in Christmas Town Busch Gardens that’s really fun. Thanks again for the race list, and I’ll see you guys at the Mirco Tri in July!

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